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We feel like we are uniquely qualified to meet your SharePoint, Branding, and Reporting requirements. Don’t believe us? Check out our About Us page!

Branding is what we love to do. We like to think of ourselves as a tactical team of experts that come in, make your site look like something else, and then get out. We can do a lot of the other stuff, but that is what we love to do.

A lot of people don’t understand what branding is or realize how much they need it. They might say “we don’t need any branding. We just want our site to be purple with our neon green logo at the top”. Well…that is branding. Anything that makes SharePoint look like anything but its default implementation is some level of branding.

In one former project, this meant taking the design the company had implemented in the late 90s using, likely, FrontPage as the development environment. The page was a sort of aqua green and had a very 90s look and feel to it. But the client wanted the new SharePoint environment (2010 at the time) to look EXACTLY like the previous site. So that is what we did. It was a pixel perfect match.

Another, more common, example is a client had a php portal that they wanted to integrate SharePoint document management to. So they wanted the SharePoint implementation to be a seamless jump and to perfectly match the look and feel of their php portal. So we did that. Users couldn’t tell if they were on the php side or the SharePoint side. We typically use other designer’s mockup to create stunning SharePoint implementations. We can do our own but, more often than not, clients already know what they want it to look like and we make it happen.

We are also well qualified to do reporting inside of SharePoint. Whether this means creating reports in SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated mode (or native mode) or just doing generic simple reports using the out-of-the-box Web Parts or other reporting tools inside of SharePoint, we have the experience to create the dashboard or other reports your organization needs. If it involves taking raw data and making it usable and awesome, we are your guys.

Of course, we can do other stuff, too (.NET coding projects, custom Web Parts, etc). If you want to see if we can do it (we probably can), feel free to contact us and we can talk about it. We would love to hear from you!